Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

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We are prominent exporter, manufacturer, & supplier of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger used for drying fly ash bricks. It is available with the choice of counter flow and parallel flow. Moreover, the heat exchanger removes heat from high temperature fluid through the support of conduction and convection process. This type of exchanger has thin acid resistant precision stamped stainless steel plates along with brazed gaskets for excellent interface. Further, it allows vacuum brazing at high temperature and assures excellent thermal conductivity. For efficient and economical functioning, choose our Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger.

Key Features

  • Flexible design
  • Strong end plates and connection
  • Efficient heat removal
  • High precision stainless steel plates

Performance Features:

  • Large heat transfer area in a small volume
  • Heat transfer rates to 3,500,000 BTU/hr (1025 kW)
  • Liquid flows to 160 GPM (605 LPM)
  • Pressures up to 1,500 psi (104 bar)

Typical Applications:

  • Processing equipment
  • Condensing and evaporating
  • Regenerative heat transfer
  • Process fluid temperature control
  • Batch process cooling or heating
  • Cryogenic cooling
  • Sample cooling


  • We are offering wide range of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with outstanding performance level.
  • These are specially designed to eliminate heat from high temperature liquid by adopting convection as well as conduction methodologies.
  • These are available both in counter-flow heat exchangers and parallel flow heat exchangers design options.
  • Heat exchangers are designed with precisely designed acid proof thin stamped stainless steel plates that are supported by brazed gasket for their hassle free operation.
  • The utilization of vacuum brazing technology under high temperature ensures long lasting nature of its sealed working area.
  • The easy to adjust features of these heat exchangers are advantageous for their high thermal conductivity purpose.

Technical Details:

  • This type of heat exchanger is extensively used for cooling or heating of gas or fluid.
  • It is suitable for small as well as large volume application purpose.
  • This item is reckoned for transferring of heat by adopting high counter and turbulence flow
  • It can be accessed in single, dual and four pass models. We also offer it in multi pass model.
  • It uses seamless or welded tubes made of copper or inconel or carbon steel and these tubes are featured with electro resistance surface finishing design.
  • The tube sheets that are made of flat shaped metal sheet, are connected with hydraulic pressure roller.
  • Rust proof material is used to fabricate its tube sheets so that these can avert corrosion caused due to transferred fluids of the exchanger.
  • Rolled plate metal is chosen as suitable raw material for designing its shell assembly.
  • The inner part of this shell is notable for its round shape that helps to reduce baffle spacing on the outer part.
  • Its bonnets and end channels that are used for controlling fluid flow in tube side circuit are installed on the tube sheet.
  • Generally Hastealloy, iron, nickel or stainless steel are used to fabricate its bonnets and channels.
  • The machine drilled or stamped baffles of this equipment come in handy for resisting vibration. These are instrumental in improving heat transferring capacity of heat exchanger.
  • These baffles are installed by maintaining a specific gap between these in order to lower pressure drop rate and to ensure uniform velocity of fluid.