Industrial Heat Exchanger

Industrial Heat Exchanger

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Industrial Heat Exchanger

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Heat Exchanger products to our respected clients. These are widely used across power, engineering, and automotive industries and available in various dimensions as per the clients’ requirements. We contrived using top quality materials that are sourced from reliable vendors in the market. We offer our wide ranges of Industrial Heat Exchanger at reasonable prices in the market.

For Dryer used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Laminate, Plawood, Textile & all other industries where heating is used in process.

Key Feature of Heat Exchanger:

  • Long Functional Life
  • High Efficiency
  • High Durability
  • Customized Design
  • High Performance
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Durable And Efficient Heat Exchanger
  • Available In Varied Shapes And Sizes
  • Available In Single / Multi Stage Exchanger


  • The advanced mechanism of a heat exchanger assists in passing of heat of liquid or gas to another liquid or gas sans any direct contact between two gases or two liquids.
  • It consists of coiled tube located inside large shell.
  • This coiled tube is used to feed hot fluid which is exchanged with the cold fluid running in its larger shell.
  • The exchanging method results in cooling down of hot fluid and warming up of cold fluid.
  • The heat exchanger is used as an essential part of air conditioner, and refrigerating equipment.
  • In power plant, this equipment is used to remove heat from exhaust gases.
  • There are several types of heat exchanger accessible in the market.
  • In its shell and tube type variant, two fluids flow towards the same direction or in opposite direction without coming in direct contact with each other.
  • Its fin or plate type variant is equipped with a number of fins and it is large heat exchanging surface area.
  • In buses, heat exchanger is used to cool down diesel engine. The consumed heat is later utilized to make outside cold air warm from the passenger compartment floor.
  • Car radiator, which is also a type of heat exchanger, cools car engine by utilizing aluminum fins that are exposed to outside cold air.
  • The hot water radiator is also a type of heat exchanger as in it, hot water is transported from a gas central heating boiler and moves back to the boiler after distributing some portion of heat to the air.